"We had an agreement, don't you remember? I'm trying to build a skyboat and you are supposed to bring me calipers and tongs. It all happened tomorrow. I'm sure this conversation will all come back to you in a day or two."
―Tove the Unrestful[src]

Tove quote

Tove the Unrestful is a Nord commoner living in Bliss. He is trying to build a "skyboat."


Tove lives in a different time, whenever he talks to the Hero he is either a week ahead or behind. When he first meets them he will ask why they are taking so long with getting calipers and tongs.

If they explain that they have no idea what he is talking about, he will apologize and remind himself that people don't remember what hasn't happened yet.


Work is Never DoneEdit

Tove is always looking for calipers and tongs, to build a boat that he believes will fly on water. He pays five gold for each caliper or tongs the Hero finds.

He will pay the Hero for all the calipers and tongs they bring him. Once he has received around one hundred of them he will state he has finished with that project and that he no longer needs them.


  • If Tove dies, his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "In memory of Tove the Unrestful. His works completed, may he finally find rest."
  • Tove was going to originally be female. This was changed at the last minute, but some NPCs still refer to him as "she."[source?]