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For other uses, see Tower Key.

The Tower Key (Form ID: 00022A6C) is the Greater Power of players born under The Tower birthsign. Once per day, the Tower Key can be used to open locks of Average-level or lower. As a Greater Power, the Tower Key consumes neither magicka nor lockpicks. Players born under The Tower also have access to the Lesser Power, The Tower Warden.


  • The Tower Birthsign Doomstone grants the Warden Key Greater Power, which can unlock Hard-level or lesser locks within 15 feet, once per day. (The Tower stone also provides The Master's Hand Greater Power.)
  • This is a poor Birthsign for any Stealth class with a reasonable amount of experience with Security. A 5 in Security and 1 or 2 lockpicks will usually accomplish the same feat.
  • The artifact known as the Skeleton Key also renders this power useless.


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