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Tracking the Game is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I've encountered a wounded hunter in the wilds near Bleakrock Village. Hoknir is seriously wounded. He wants some help killing his prey.

The Vestige encounters a wounded hunter, Hoknir, in the wilds near Bleakrock Village. Hoknir is seriously wounded and asks for some help killing his prey. He goes on to say that he dropped some gear during his escape which should provide a trail back to Deathclaw's Lair.

If asked, he will elaborate on his quest, saying "I've been hunting beasts in the wilds of Skyrim all my life. Deathclaw ravaged a couple of herds near Kynesgrove. I took on a contract to end him. I always fulfil my contracts."


  • Follow Hoknir's things to the Lair
  • Kill Deathclaw
  • Return to Hoknir


"I've been tracking the beast for weeks. I call him Deathclaw. I finally caught up to him, but it ... well, it went badly."

Follow the trail towards Deathclaw's lair. Examine one of the dead deer to retrieve critter meat, then examine the bone pile to place it. Unsheathe your weapons and engage in combat to slay the beast and collect Deathclaw's talon. Return to Hoknir to tell him his bounty is dead.



  • Its name and appearance may be a reference to the deathclaw from the Fallout game series.

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