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  • Location: [?], Rivenspire
  • Author: Anonymous


... made sure that with each breath, we breathed in <life, health, vitality?>>. With each < <seed, rock, stone?>> we planted, we would prosper. No <death, sickness, disease?>> can harm us. This is the power of the <light, sun, fire?> ….

… only the <remnant, vestige?>> can contain the power of the < unknown Ayleid word>. It lives as we do. It reacts to <feelings, emotions, sentiments?> It makes our <existence, survival, journey?>> better ….

… the < crag, peak?> and the < <remnant, vestige, fragment?> are one. Here, it will always be < <guarded, protected, hidden?>> ….

… we have established a second <community, outpost, cave?>> in the hills to the east of the <crag, peak?>. In this hillside < community, outpost, cave?>, we have hidden our < <tome, scroll, tablet?> of < <history, glossary, theology?> for <safekeeping, shelter, reassurance?>>


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