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Cyrodiil is a vast land, estimated to be sixteen virtual square miles, and filled with mountains, forests, and expanses of grasslands. Traveling by foot can be an exhausting and time-consuming task, so there are several methods of quicker travel.

Walking, running, and swimmingEdit

The main advantage of walking or running to a destination is that one can increase their skill in Athletics (and Acrobatics too, if one tends to jump around). In addition, one also has the experience of traveling through the beautiful environment that Oblivion has to offer, and may stumble upon dungeons or other points of interest along the way.

Swimming will also help increase one's Athletics skill.

Fast TravelEdit

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Black Horse

Horses are a fast way of traveling through the realm

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The Hero can also travel by using mounts, which are horses. Horses can be bought or stolen from stables in one of the eight main cities and the Imperial City, as well as in some smaller settlements. Horses cannot technically enter any of the walled cities, although the horse will be sent to the stable for the player to later access. Mounted combat is not possible, although the player and horse can be attacked.

Horse ArmorEdit