"Die, Dawnguard!"
―The Traveler[src]

A Traveler is a vampire that can only be encountered randomly anywhere in Skyrim after siding with the Dawnguard during the quest "Bloodline."


He will casually approach the Dragonborn from afar, but will turn hostile when he gets close enough. He will also immediately turn hostile when spoken to. In combat he has the ability to Summon Gargoyles and uses shock magic as the core of his arsenal. When his magicka runs dry he will switch to his dagger. If he comes across a dead body, he will attempt to reanimate it.


He typically wears Hooded Black Robes, Vampire Boots and Vampire Gauntlets. He also carries a leveled dagger with him that he uses when he runs out of Magicka. Once he is defeated, his corpse will typically have a sample of Vampire Dust, and may also include arrows fired at him, as well as other random loot.


  • When the Traveler starts attacking, if any other characters are present, they will all immediately become hostile towards him and attack, including local town guards.
  • If seen before turning hostile (i.e. with the Detect Dead spell), he can be attacked first and no bounty will be obtained.
  • If spoken to before turning hostile, the killing of the vampire or summoned Gargoyle may charge the Ebony Blade.
  • It is important to eliminate the Traveler as quickly as possible because it may attack any character at random including town blacksmiths which can cause you major inconvience if they die.
  • Ironically, the 2 Alik'r Warriors near the main gate in Whiterun will never die from the vampire attacks. For this to work however, In My Time of Need must be completed by killing Kematu.


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  • The Traveler may not start attacking when close enough, instead he speaks the common vampire dialogue (e.g. "I don't converse with my prey").