"A song? I, uh... I seem to have misplaced my lute. Another time perhaps?"
―Traveling Bard[src]

Traveling Bard is a radiant character in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

These bards are a part of the Dawnguard radiant quest "Hide and Seek," or the vampire radiant quest "The Hunt." The Dragonborn is required to kill them, as they are members of the opposing faction in disguise.


They typically carry enchanted crossbows, a Dawnguard war axe, and a leveled piece of jewelry if part of The Hunt.


Under the "Come with me, Bard" dialogue option, there are two choices as to what to do. First is a persuasion (55 with the first perk in the Speech tree), on the same screen as the intimidation.