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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: Unknown


The countryside of southern and central Glenumbra is a lovely place to travel, especially in the spring. Make sure to avoid the disgusting fens in the eastern regions north of Aldcroft. Outside of those, the forests of Glenumbra are verdant, the temperatures more than pleasant, and enjoyable camping is possible almost anywhere. I strongly recommend a visit to the woods near Daggerfall, where game is plentiful and the local villages offer hearty and inexpensive repasts. Journeying here is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the beauty of High Rock. In First Seed, you must travel up to Camlorn. No other city boasts such a lively, colorful, and entertaining festival as Camlorn's celebration of Flower Day. It makes a perfect addition to any excursion through the region.


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