"I'm Trayvond the Redguard, Mages Guild Evoker. Surprised? Yes, you don't see many Redguards in the Mages Guild. We don't much like spellcasters in Hammerfell. Wizards steal souls and tamper with minds. If you use magic, you're weak or wicked. My family didn't approve of my vocation, so I had to come to Cyrodiil for my education. I admit... I still have strong prejudices against necromancy, summoning, and illusion. Profaning the remains or souls of the dead is just wrong. And I'm uneasy about tampering with other's minds and trafficking with Daedra."
―Trayvond the Redguard[src]

Trayvond the Redguard is a Redguard Evoker of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild. He sells spells and also studies Mysticism at the Novice level.


Trayvond has stated that, like many Redguards, he hails from the Hammerfell region of Tamriel, but has since had to move to Cyrodiil. The reason for this is that his family were against his chosen vocation as a Mage, and thus had to move away to continue his education.

He also reveals that Redguards do not typically like mages, stating that they "don't much like spellcasters, because wizards steal souls and tamper with minds. If you use magic, you're weak or wicked."[1]


On a personal level, he believes that "profaning the remains or souls of the dead is just wrong, and is uneasy about tampering with another's mind, or trafficking with Daedra"; despite this he will sometimes summon a scamp to aid him if he is attacked. This somewhat follows and contradicts Redguard philosophy towards Illusion, Mysticism and Conjuration--all of which they frown upon.[1]

Spells for saleEdit

Spell Skill Level Required Effects Base Magicka Cost
AlterationBurdenBurdening Touch Novice (0) Burden 15 pts for 15 secs on Touch 10 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldDefend Apprentice (25) Shield 25% for 30 secs on Self 43 MagickaIcon
AlterationFeatherEase Burden Apprentice (25) Feather 50 pts for 240 secs on self 35 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldShockElectric Shell Apprentice (25) Shock Shield 10% for 30 secs on Self 54 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldFrostFrost Shell Apprentice (25) Frost Shield 10% for 30 secs on Self 54 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldFireHeat Shell Apprentice (25) Fire Shield 10% for 30 secs on Self 54 MagickaIcon
AlterationBurdenHindering Touch Apprentice (25) Burden 35 pt for 20 secs on Touch 39 MagickaIcon
AlterationOpenOpen Easy Lock Apprentice (25) Open Easy Lock on Target 29 MagickaIcon
AlterationOpenOpen Very Easy Lock Novice (0) Open Very Easy Lock on Target 7 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldProtect Novice (0) Shield 5% for 30 secs on Self 10 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldProtect Other Novice (0) Shield 10% for 20 secs on Touch 17 MagickaIcon
AlterationWaterWalkingSea Stride Apprentice (25) Water Walking for 30 secs on Self 39 MagickaIcon
AlterationWaterBreathingWater Breathing Apprentice (25) Water Breathing for 30 secs on Self 43 MagickaIcon
ConjurationScampSummon Scamp Apprentice (25) Summon Scamp for 20 secs on Self 60 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireFlash Bolt Apprentice (25) Fire Damage 20 pts on Target 52 MagickaIcon
MysticismDetectLifeMajor Life Detection Apprentice (25) Detect Life 60 ft for 20 secs on Self 30 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Major Wounds Apprentice (25) Restore Health 25 pts on Self 61 MagickaIcon
  • Note: "Base Magicka Cost" refers to how much magicka it costs to cast the spell without factoring in player's skill level, attribute level, and individual spell effects. Generally, magicka costs are higher.


Cheydinhal: "My progress through the ranks will be slow. My prejudices against certain types of magic limit my chances for advancement."

Mages Guild: "If you're looking for the most powerful spells, you'll want to speak to Borissean at the Arcane University. If you're allowed in, that is."



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