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Main article: Random Encounters (Skyrim)
For other uses, see Treasure Hunter.

The Treasure Hunter is a dead NPC that one can find in a random event somewhere in Skyrim.

The Treasure Hunter can be found lying on the ground in the middle of an area. They will often have a small sum of gold, a set of Fur Armor (often without the helmet), and a Treasure Hunter's Note that reads:

I'm close to finding the [Enchanted Item]. I've tracked it down to [Cave or location]. It's apparently guarded by a [Creature/NPC].

Reading this note activates a miscellaneous quest to explore the location given and retrieve the item on the note.

Treasure Hunters can also be found alive in small groups, searching for loot in different locations. They turn hostile if the Dragonborn gets too close, (trying to protect their soon to be found loot). They can then be killed and no bounty will be incurred. Usually there is some treasure nearby, such as a chest.


  • The item and enchantment will change depending on one's [[Character Level|level.


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