The Trebbite Monks are a faction of Altmer who believe in the sanctity of pure Altmer bloodlines on the Summerset Isles, and among the royal families most of all. They value tradition above every other virtue.[1]


The Trebbite Monks had become very weak during the Third Era, after Queen Morgiah of Firsthold sought to it, that they had no power left. Morgiah even planned to exterminate the Trebbite Monks altogether, although King Reman stopped her because of all the good work the Monks do for the Altmeri peasants.[1]

Lady Gialene, daughter of the King of Skywatch, plotted the downfall of Morgiah with the help of Friar Lylim of the Trebbite monastery. Taking advantage of the growing resentment from peasants who had taken to calling Morgiah the "Black Queen", the Trebbite Monks exploded into revolt. Their army comprised of the Monks themselves and a horde of mercenaries, which included rejects from the Psijic Order. Their attacks were well-coordinated and without warning, although the army was defeated at the gates of Firsthold thanks to false information Morgiah had told Gialene.[1]


  • The Trebbite Monks have secret agents within the palace of Firsthold.[1]