"It's not a home without a shady tree just outside the window. Here is a broad assortment of basic Tamrielic trees, shrubs, and bushes for greening up the homestead."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Trees of Tamriel Garden Pack is a homestead furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online available on the Crown Store.


This bundle contains the following:

  • Bush, Dense Forest
  • Bush, Flowering Scrub (2x)
  • Bush, Green Forest
  • Bush, Mountain Scrub
  • Bush, Red Berry
  • Flowers, Golden Prairie
  • Flowers, Violet Prairie
  • Plant, Forest Sprig
  • Plants, Dense Underbrush
  • Plants, Dry Underbrush
  • Plants, Sparse Underbrush
  • Sapling, Autumn Cluster (2x)
  • Saplings, Fragile Autumn Birch
  • Shrub, Autumn Forest (2x)
  • Shrub, Dense Forest
  • Shrub, Sparse Green (2x)
  • Topiary, Sparse (2x)
  • Tree, Autumn Maple
  • Tree, Strong Maple
  • Tree, Young Green Birch
  • Tree, Young Healthy Birch
  • Trees, Fragile Autumn Birch
  • Trees, Young Autumn Birch