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Trenus Duronius

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Trenus Duronius is an Imperial commoner and skooma addict residing in his home in the Imperial City. He can be found roaming around in the Market District, or at his house in the Temple District. He occasionally visits the Bravil Skooma Den.

On the second floor of his house, there are 15 bottles of skooma, located in a locked chest. The key for the chest can be pickpocketed from Trenus.


When spoken to, he will respond with many incoherent responses. He calls the Imperial City the "city of love," and continues by talking about the bright lights at night, and says the Imperial City is "big, big, big, big, big." He also tends to say "shoo, shoo" between thoughts.


  • "Whoa, you, you startled me, I was in my happy place."


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