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Troll Fat (Oblivion)

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Troll Fat can be gathered from various species of Trolls, and is one of only two ingredients in Cyrodiil that allow the creation of Personality enhancing potions; the other ingredient required for the mixture being Imp Gall.


  • There is a special kind of Troll Fat called Painted Troll Fat. Only six pieces exist in the game, and can only be acquired through the completion of A Brush With Death.
  • A "clean" Fortify Personality potion can only be created by Journeyman-level alchemists, since mixing the two while on Expert level or higher will add a negative effect as well (Damage Health). Master alchemists can however craft a Fortify Personality potion without side effects only if using either Troll Fat or Imp Gall alone, and not in a mixture.