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Trollsbane's Demise

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Trollsbane's Demise is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Trollsbane's Demise is a troll den located halfway between Valthume and Cradle Stone Tower. The den is home to two trolls fighting one another over the dead body of a Nord hunter named Frofnir Trollsbane.   

  • Go to Cradle Stone Tower
  • Walk in the opposite direction from the river (West).
  • Fully drop down the cliff side.
  • Fight off the two trolls.
  • Go to their hollowed out nesting area: Trollsbane's Demise.

Notable itemsEdit


Trollsbane's DemiseLocation


  • It is called "Cradle Stone Crag" in the official Skyrim game guide published by Prima.


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