"Came west to try my hand at mining. It started off well enough. Got some equipment, even talked a few of the locals into helping. Then the volcano erupts."

Trouble-Finder is an Argonian residing in Senie, Stonefalls.


  • "Yeah, it turns out my planned dig site was a Daedric ruin. Complete with screaming and chanting. Frothing monsters inside. This pales in comparison to that time I spilled some brandy on a Hist root."
  • "Some days I wish I'd never crawled out of my egg. I came to Stonefalls to be a guar herder. Shalks ate them. Went to Davon's Watch to be a bartender. Bunch of Nords kicked me down the street."
  • "Then there was a time I bought a cheap dagger from a merchant in Ebonheart. I wore it on my belt and these cultists started chasing me, yelling, "The Razor! The Razor!" I threw it in the river and kept running. Huh? Oh, right. Mind where the river carries you, traveler. Can't trust the Daedra."