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Truth Ore Consequences is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be obtained from Hafjorg in Riften.


The quest starts by speaking with Hafjorg in Elgrim's Elixirs. She wants an ore sample to be fetched from Filnjar, who can be found in Shor's Stone.

Upon finding Filjnar (the blacksmith in Shor's Stone), he can be asked for Hafjorg's ore sample. He comments that it took long enough, as he had sent a letter about it weeks ago. When pressed for more details, he will say that it is of a type he's never seen before, and that he wants to find out what it is before he "goes tearing it out of the ground." The new miscellaneous quest is titled, "Return the ore sample to Hafjorg."

Upon returning to Hafjorg, she says that she will get Elgrim to look at it "as soon as his busy schedule allows."


Truth Ore Consequences
Obtain Ore Sample from Filnjar
Return Ore Sample to Hafjorg
  • Quest complete


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