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"I'm glad you're awake. When Holsgar brought you in, everyone thought for sure you'd die."
―Trynhild Earth-Turner[src]

Trynhild Earth-Turner is a Nord residing in Bleakrock Village on Bleakrock Isle, along with her mother and father, Aera Earth-Turner and Littrek Earth-Turner. She will move to Bal Foyen if she survives during Crossroads.


Escape from BleakrockEdit

The Daggerfall Covenant has assaulted Bleakrock Village. Captain Rana sent the surviving refugees to Last Rest, a tomb near the town. Rana and I must clear a path through the tomb for the refugees. The Vestige needs to enter the tomb.


  • "Tillrani told us to run. I thought of the water and all those calm days in the surf. What was I thinking?"


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