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Tsiya is a Khajiit commoner who resides in her house in Balmora. She is a Skooma addict, as the drug in her inventory and a related quest involving her skooma pipe suggest.


The Corpse and the Skooma PipeEdit

Upon encountering the body of Ernil Omoran, the Nerevarine finds Tsiya's Skooma Pipe and the Note From Ernil on the smuggler's corpse. Tsiya can be told about the news, and the Nerevarine can choose between handing her the two items or lie, saying that nothing was found at the smuggler's corpse. The latter will concur nothing more than thanks from Tsiya, while the former will cause her to give the Nerevarine 50 GoldIcon and ten portions of moon sugar.


This character's inventory includes the following Items:


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