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"Ambassador Tsleeixth, concerned about the rising crime in northern Black Marsh, brought with him the contributions of many other expatriate Argonians like himself."
Waughin Jarth[src]

Tsleeixth was an Argonian ambassador to the Imperial Septim Empire of Cyrodiil from Black Marsh[1], the homeland of his race, the Argonians.[2] In 3E 398, Tsleeixth, at the behest of his fellow Argonians, petitioned the Septim Empire for magically-lit lanterns along main roads of Black Marsh including Commerce Road, an increased Imperial Legion garrison at Slough Point, and more Imperial Legion patrol stations alongside the roads.[1] He was also a firm believer that Argonians would only turn away from crime if they were given the tools to create their own futures[1], and requested the Septim Empire also build more schools throughout Black Marsh.[1]