Tsun's Armor is a unique piece of light armor worn by Tsun. It cannot be obtained without the use of console commands.


The armor itself is composed of a loin cloth that is surrounded by a detailed iron plateskirt with several engravings. It has built in vambraces, and when equipped a torc will appear around one's neck and upper arm. The function of these and the vambraces are completely aesthetic, as the armor itself was never meant to be worn by a player character.


The ID for Tsun's armor is 000C0165. His boots can also be worn but only via console commands, meaning it will not appear in the inventory. To wear it the Dragonborn must type player.equipitem 000c0166; to remove it, type player.unequipitem 000C0166. His armor is also available by clicking on him via console commands and typing removeallitems player in Sovngarde.


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