Tul's Escape is a miscellaneous quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The supposed slave Tul approaches the Nerevarine at the Ules Plantation and asks them for help. He says he has escaped his cruel masters at the Dren Plantation and is looking for a "kindly Redguard" who helps escaped slaves such as himself.


Tul claims that he was a slave on the Dren Plantation, but escaped and is now hiding on a field belonging to the Ules Plantation. He asks the Nerevarine in extraordinarily courteous tones for help. He claims that his old masters were extremely cruel, especially Orvas Dren and the brothers Ienith. He believes that a Redguard can be nearby who will be able to help him in his situation, and asks the Nerevarine to help him find this man. The Nerevarine is suspicious from the start, however, as Tul looks healthy and rather not like a recently escaped slave.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Speak to Tul about "aid a poor Argonian".
  • Accept to help Tul.
  • Find Sterdecan nearby.
  • Either walk away OR help Sterdecan kill Tul.
  • When siding with Sterdecan, talk to him after the fight to get a reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After the quest was accepted, Tul will follow the Nerevarine unless told otherwise. The Redquard in question is Sterdecan who can be found on his farm. Upon arriving there, Tul reveals himself as a Camonna Tong member tasked with the murder of Sterdecan. He gives the Nerevarine the choice to leave and forget about what they've seen, or die by his hand. The Nerevarine can either accept to walk away, or defend Sterdecan. If they walk away, there will be no reward. If they side with Sterdecan and kill Tul, Sterdecan will reward them with the First Barrier Ring. Sterdecan will also reveal that bounty hunters are not an uncommon occurrence on his farm.



Journal Entry
I met an Argonian on the road near Bal Ur named Tul. He has no armor and no weapons I can see, and he desires my help.
It seems Tul is an escaped slave from the Dren Plantation. He would like help gettin to a nearby abolitionst wayhouse he has heard rumors of. He does not know the location of this place, and would like my help finding it. I have no knowledge of any abolitions in the area, but that doesn't mean one does not exist. It could be difficult to find, though, although he seems to believe the person is a Redguard and nearby.
I have agreed to try and help Tul find the nearby abolitions Tul he's heard rumor of. He seems odd for a slave, though. He looks well fed and strong. Perhaps he was a newly acquired slave at the Dren Plantation, although he seems to know the place well.
  • Quest accepted
I have decided not to try and help Tul find the abolitionist. I have no desire to become involved in this.
  • Quest failed
We've arrived at Sterdecan's farm. My suspicions about Tul were not unfounded. He is no slave, but rather a bounty hunter, who had been using me to find the abolitionst hideout.
Tul is dead. The bounty hunter took me for a fool, and he has paid the price. Tul and I have parted ways. I have no desire to get into the politics behind the abolitionist's movement, and felt it best to walk away from the situation.
  • Quest completed
I have spoken with Sterdecan. He was not surprised by the bounty hunter's ruse. For my help, and for attempt to help free a slave, he rewarded me with a magical ring.
  • Quest completed


  • When the Nerevarine decides to walk away, Tul will not kill Sterdecan but merely stay where he is. Sterdecan on the other hand continues with his daily routine without feeling threatened.