Tuldinwae is an unseen character mentioned in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She is the author of Timely Offer addressed to Delvin Mallory regarding a stash of glass arrows underneath the Riften docks. Nothing else is said or heard about her, and she doesn't make an appearance in the game, but from the letter, it is suggested she is a merchant associated with the Thieves Guild.


  • Although she states there is a stash of glass arrows beneath the docks, no such stash can be found.
  • She refers to another female in a Timely Offer. She says and that the female might "catch onto [their] operation". It is possible that this female is Karliah, before the Dragonborn revealed that she is in fact innocent — and is thus accepted back into the guild. However, the letter appears before Karliah is identified as the Thieves Guild's enemy, so it may be that she is referring to Maven Black-Briar.
  • It is possible that Tuldinwae is an elf, most probably an Altmer or maybe a Bosmer. It is never explicitly stated, but the style of her name seems to coincide with that of NPCs of the aforementioned races.