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Tuls Valen is the Dunmer Master of the Temple in Ald'ruhn. He provides training (up to skill level 59) in Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand, and Sneak.


He gives several quests and provides medium training in Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand, and Sneak for higher-ranked members of the Tribunal Temple.



Tuls Valen asks for a demonstration of compassion from the Nerevarine, directing them to cure Bulfim gra-Shugarz, a victim of the Blight disease.

False IncarnateEdit

The Master of the Ald'ruhn Temple requests the investigation of a possible Nerevarine in Suran.

Pilgrimage to Maar GanEdit

The Nerevarine is sent on pilgrimage to the Maar Gan Shrine.

Dark Cult in HassourEdit

Tuls requests the destruction of a Sixth House cult hiding in Hassour.