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Turn Undead MW
For other uses, see Turn Undead.

Turn Undead is a demoralizing magical effect and spell that temporarily decreases an undead target's confidence, reducing their willingness to fight and possibly causing them to flee. This effect functions similarly to Demoralize Creature and Demoralize Humanoid. It is a member of the Conjuration school of magic, governed by Intelligence.


The following items are enchanted with a Turn Undead effect.

Enchanted Items
Item Type Magnitude Duration
Range Item ID
Min. Max.
Bloodworm Helm Heavy Helm 20 30 30 20 Target bloodworm_helm_unique
Hort-Ledd's Robe Robe 6 60 30 0 Target hort_ledd_robe_unique


The following spells consist of a Turn Undead effect.

Turn Undead Spells
Spell Cost
Magnitude Duration
Range Base ID
Min. Max.
Blessed Touch 5 100 100 30 0 Touch blessed touch
Blessed Word 10 100 100 30 0 Target blessed word
Holy Touch 6 10 10 60 0 Touch holy touch
Holy Word 5 5 5 60 0 Target holy word
Saintly Touch 15 25 25 60 0 Touch saintly touch
Saintly Word 23 25 25 60 0 Target saintly word
Turn Undead 5 50 50 10 0 Touch turn undead


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