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Turquoise Nixad

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TESOnlineIcon Turquoise Nixad
Turquoise Nixad
Basic Info
Default name Beryl
Base species Nixad
Price 700 Crowns Icon
Acquisition Crown Store
Date Added July 7, 2016
Date Removed August 1, 2016
Main article: Pets (Online)
"Scholars think the iridescent blue Turquoise Nixad must have inherent magical properties, because those wings certainly aren't big enough to enable it to fly. Yet fly it does, flitting about like a beautiful human-shaped hummingbird moth. They live on a diet of treacle and poetry."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Turquoise Nixad is a discontinued pet nixad for The Elder Scrolls Online formerly available on the Crown Store.


  • Players who purchased this item prior to removal can still use it.


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