Twin Blade and Blunt is a passive skill in the Dual Wield skill line.


Bestows 3 % chance to bleed for 0 Physical Damage over 10 seconds with Axe equipped. Deals up to 2.5% bonus damage to heavily armored enemies with Mace equipped, and 1.5% additional damage with sword equipped. It increases the chance of successfully landing a Critical Strike by 2.5% with Dagger equipped. (2 ranks)


  • Unlocked at Dual Wield rank 41.


  • Update 2: This passive ability now scales based on weapon damage instead of spell damage.[1]
  • Update 5: The axe bleed now deals damage over 6 seconds instead of 10.[2]
  • Update 5: Increased the damage per tick, though total damage done remains the same.[2]
  • Update 5: The mace bonus now causes you to ignore up to 20% of your target's armor.[2]
  • Update 8: Updated the tooltip to clarify the conditions of each bonus. For example, having a sword equipped increases damage on all attacks, not just basic attacks or skills from this ability line.[3]
  • Update 8: Adjusted the axe bonus so the bleed damage is increased, but now has a lower proc chance. This fixes an issue where, previously, the bleed was not dealing damage because it was being reapplied too quickly.[3]
  • Update 8: The sword bonus no longer grants a percent bonus to Weapon Damage and Spell Damage (a change that was made for the Imperial City update). It once again modifies all damage as a direct bonus.[3]