Two Cowards is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


Two merchants are in love with the same woman. One challenged the other to a duel by letter, and he is sending the Hero to fight him in his place.


  • Go to the specified location
  • Speak to the specified individual
  • Go to the new specified location
  • Defeat one Spellsword
  • Return to quest giver and collect reward


[Questgiver] of [Questgiver's location], [Questgiver's town] has been challenged to a duel and has sent me to impersonate him. I am to bring his reply to [Target]s challenge and fight in the duel. I can find this [Target] in [Target's location] here in [Questgiver's town]. After the duel, I am to return and collect my reward from [Questgiver] in [Questgiver's location] all for the love of [Radiant NPC].

[Target] ran off when I gave him the reply to his challenge. The Duel is still to take place, in one form or another, at [Residence] here in [Questgiver's town].