Two Cowards is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


Two merchants are in love with the same woman. One challenged the other to a duel by letter, and he is sending the Hero to fight his rival in his place.

However, on reaching the location, it is revealed that the rival has done the same and sent an assassin of his own to fight in his stead.


  • Go to the specified location
  • Speak to the specified individual
  • Go to the new specified location
  • Defeat one Spellsword
  • Return to quest giver and collect reward


[Questgiver] of [Questgiver's location], [Questgiver's town] has been challenged to a duel and has sent me to impersonate him. I am to bring his reply to [Target]s challenge and fight in the duel. I can find this [Target] in [Target's location] here in [Questgiver's town]. After the duel, I am to return and collect my reward from [Questgiver] in [Questgiver's location] all for the love of [Radiant NPC].

[Target] ran off when I gave him the reply to his challenge. The Duel is still to take place, in one form or another, at [Residence] here in [Questgiver's town].