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"Some theological scholars hold that the two moons orbiting Nirn are representations of the "Cloven Duality" of the Aedric trickster-god Lorkhan, who connived at the creation of the world and was punished for it."
―The Demi-Plane of Jode Loading Screen[src]

Two Moons Path is a ruin that appears in the city of Dune, in the region of Reaper's March.



"Others (it is always Others) contend that the Moons are literally the rotting corpses of Lorkhan himself, spinning in eternal dual ellipses above but ever beyond that creation for which he gave his Heart. But the War of Manifest Metaphors has rendered this (and all narratives) absurd."
―Den of Lorkhaj Loading Screen[src]
  • Temple of the Dance
    • The Demi-Plane of Jode



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