For the quest in Oblivion, see Two Sides of the Coin.

Two Sides to Every Coin is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Duchess Lakana needs someone to take a message to the leader of the Redguard camp outside the gates. Sir Hughes suggested the Vestige act as her messenger and report on what she reveals.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Duchess Lakana in Her Room
  2. Challenge Alik'r Soldiers (5)
  3. Speak to General Thoda
  4. Talk to Duchess Lakana
  5. Complete the quest


Sir Hughes will not allow the duchess to deliver a message to the general herself, but she refuses to leave it to the envoy. After accepting to be a messenger, the Vestige must speak to her in her room. Laksana reveals for them there have been several attempts on her life within the castle walls. She is in need to speak to General Thoda but can't get a message to him as she is forbidden to go to the camp. She can't send Darima as she is her only friend in the castle. To get his attention the Vestige needs to challenge some of his best warriors, and then he'll see them.

Over at the camp there are several warriors that can be challenged, and after the Vestige have proved their mettle, General Thoda is available at his home. After letting him know the duchess is fine, he reveals they had the poison maker but he was stubborn, yet he said one name and that was "Falhut". When he learns she's a Knight of the Flame and she is inside the castle, he wants the Vestige to hurry back and warn the duchess so she will be prepared.

When the duchess finds out it was Dame Falhut who purchased the poison she is shocked as the Knights of the Flame are supposed to protect her, not kill her. She was against the marriage between the duke and her, but that can't have motivated her to murder.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon