"There is no good in the world, save that which we give ourselves."

Tymvaul is a Nord necromancer who resides in the Skaal Village and later in the cave of Rimhull.


Before he ran away to become a necromancer, he lived in the Skaal Village with his father, Lassnr. He is encountered during the quest "Tymvaul in the Well," during which he has gone "missing."


Tymvaul in the WellEdit

The Nerevarine is asked by Lassnr to locate his son, Tymvaul. He is located inside the cave Rimhull, beneath the well next to Lassnr's house, and wears the unique Mantle of Woe. Tymvaul may either be killed or given the option to leave Solstheim alive, depending on the options that the Nerevarine chooses while in dialogue with him.


  • "I urge you to destroy the robe, lest its dark power take hold over you as it did me."
  • "Tell my father his love has saved me. I will return to him someday, when I can truly make him proud."