Tyrellius Logellus is an Imperial Bruma guard who watches over the prisoners in the Bruma Jail. He is very interested in the location of the stash of gold belonging to Jorundr (a recent prisoner).


Two Sides of the CoinEdit

While roaming around the city of Bruma, the Hero can overhear rumors about Arnora Auria. According to the rumor mill, Auria's lover, Jorundr, has been arrested for stealing money from Auria. Auria reportedly needs help recovering the stolen money.

He constantly harasses Jorundr for the location of the gold stash and will go to any length to retrieve it. At the end of "Two Sides of the Coin", if the Hero decided to spare Arnora Auria, Tyrellius will be waiting for the Hero outside the stash of gold. Upon returning to Arnora's house, she will be found dead.


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  • Tyrellius may remain alive inside the Bruma dungeon after being killed by the Hero at the stash of gold.