"You. I remember you. You were at Ald'ruhn. Some say you're a friend to the clans. Do you wish to prove it?"

Udami is a Dunmer Ashlander residing in Urshilaku Camp on Vvardenfell.


Ashlander RelationsEdit

Udami seeks to change the ways of the Urshilaku to help his tribe prosper. The Vestige is called upon to help him achieve this.


What do you mean? "Met some nomad called Zanammu of the Zainab tribe. Smart man. Told me his tribe has done well dealing with outlanders. We Ashlanders aren't quick to change our ways, but perhaps we should try."

How can I help? "It's up to our leaders to make that decision, but they're still in Ald'ruhn. You could see Zanammu, tell him you want to work with the tribes. Show us that some outsiders can be trusted. He can direct you to other tribes."
I'll seek out Zanammu at Ald'ruhn.


  • "May the stars guide you through ash and storm, or some other such nonsense."—During "Ashlander Relations"