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Basic Info
Level 22
Health-icon 460
Loot Troll Fat
Soul Size Common
Ref ID 0003E40E
Base ID 000AFBA2
For other uses, see Uderfrykte.
"The big ugly beast - a different story. He'd eat me if he could, but to bind me, grind me, he'd need to find me. And Cicero will make sure that does not happen."

The Udefrykte is a unique troll found during the Dark Brotherhood quest, "The Cure For Madness", at the Dawnstar Sanctuary in an ice cave. It is most certainly a reference to The Udyrfrykte from Bloodmoon who was found in a similar area as well as the Uderfrykte Matron in Oblivion though the spelling of the name is slightly different. The troll has large olive green eyes as well as dark green hair and gray-purple skin.

According to Cicero, the cave which the creature inhabits was not an original part of the Sanctuary but rather a "forced addition" implying that it was created by Udefrykte itself.


  • Like all trolls, the Udefrykte is weak to fire, so fire Destruction spells work well.
  • Stealth is another alternative; using stealth attacks or moving undetected to the chest will also uncover three fire attack scrolls.
  • Archery combined with stealth can deal massive damage quickly.


  • Udefrykte looks like a normal troll but his eyes are bright green instead of black.
  • "Udefrykte" may or may not be a reference to the Scandinavian words "Uden frygt" which means "Without fear".
  • Udefrykte is much stronger than the average troll, being able to kill a Horker, which many trolls fail to do.


  •  PC   If resurrecting Uderfrykte with console commands, Uderfrykte will not stand up. He will instead lay there as if dead, but still move.


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