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Ugor is an Orsimer and a possible follower of the Dragonborn, after completing the Daedric Shrine quest "The Cursed Tribe" alongside fellow Orcs, Lob and Ogol.


Generally well-tempered, Ugor admits that she is not confident in her skills as a warrior.

Character TypeEdit

Ugor is an archer, efficient in the Archery, One-Handed, Light Armor and Block skills.

Although Ugor is relatively well-equipped with all steel items, she can still easily be killed by an iron dagger during a successful sneak attack.


As a follower, Ugor has Decent archery and One Handed Skills, making it able to wield both 1H and shield, and a bow, with light armor.

Max Stats Level 30
Health 340
Stamina 195


Light Armor 79
Heavy Armor 25
Sneak 36
One-Handed 62
Two-Handed 20
Archery 78
Block 62


  • Trading items, "Fine. Let's trade, then."
  • Initiating and closing dialogue, "My blood's calm. I prefer it boiling."
  • When told to wait, "You sure? Fine, I'll stand watch."
  • "An Orc follows to the death."
  • "You have a grim look."
  • "Go where the challenge is greatest."
  • "Malacath, witness our deeds!"
  • "Mighty impressive..."


  • It is advisable to save before approaching the stronghold, as Ugor may die quickly or even already be dead upon arrival.
  • If Ugor is dead on arrival, be advised, taking her equipment may result in an attack by the Orcs and bounty in the hold.


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