"The Erabenimsun of Molag Mar love themselves and their weapons above all else. Their Ashkhan Ulath-Pal is cruel and ambitious"
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Ulath-Pal is a Dunmer Champion living in Erabenimsun Camp. He is a member of the Ashlanders, and is the Ashkhan of this tribe. He can be found in his yurt in the company of his bodyguard Ahaz.


As Ashkhan of the Erabenimsun tribe, Ulath-Pal is the leading figure of the clan. He is the successor of Airan Ammu, whose war axe he wields. The clan has turned cruel and warlike under Airan Ammu, and Ulath-Pal follows in his footsteps, being described as "cruel and ambitious".[1] The tribe's Wise Woman Manirai even says that Ulath-Pal thinks nothing of killing unarmed men, women, or children. She says he is too arrogant and haughty to take any counsel from her, and that the peace-loving members of the Erabenimsun tribe live in fear of him and his brutal Gulakhans.[2]


Erabenimsun NerevarineEdit

During this part of the Main Quest, the Nerevarine seeks to be named "Erabenimsun Nerevarine" by the Erabenimsun tribe. The Ashkhan is the only member of the tribe entitled to grant them this honor, but as Ulath-Pal hates all outlanders, he would never do so.[2] The Wise Woman Manirai sees the only option in killing Ulath-Pal and his war-loving Gulakhans, giving the peace-loving Gulakhan Han-Ammu the chance to become Ashkhan.



Greeting "What do you want, outlander?"

Greeting "Go away. I do not wish to soil my yurt with your blood."

Greeting (after killing one of his tribe) "You have slain one of my people. You must pay with your life."

Greeting (after the quest "The Path of the Incarnate") "You are the outlander who claims to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. What do you want?"

Greeting (after the quest "The Path of the Incarnate") "You are stupid, outlander."
Nerevarine prophecies "You want me to name you Erabenimsun Nerevarine? I would rather name you '[PC Name] Guar-Dung.' You are a hound. I despise you for a foreign fool, as do all my loyal gulakhans. The only honor I will show you is to kill you with my own hand if you ever trouble me again. Leave my sight, now, while you can."
Nerevarine prophecies "Very well. This problem has an easy solution." (attacks)

my trade "I am the ashkhan of the Erabenimsun. You are a fool if you do not know that."

outlander "I have nothing to say to you. I despise you and your kind. Go away."



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