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Ules Manor is located in the Ascadian Isles. It is the main building of the Ules Plantation located west of Suran. The owner and inhabitant Nevena Ules is the councilor of the Ascadian Isles.


Ules Manor is a three-story building serving as residence of Nevena Ules and Fruscia Abitius.

Ground FloorEdit

The ground floor, where the entrance lies, serves as living and dining room. The table is laid and a shelf holds various ceramics. A small room at the back serves as larder.

First FloorEdit

Apart from another small storage space the main feature of the first floor ist Fruscia Abitius' room.

Second FloorEdit

Nevena Ules' richly endowed bedroom lies on the second floor. The room serves as a study, too. Nevena herself resides here.


The following characters reside inside the manor:

Notable itemsEdit