The Ules Plantation is a large plantation belonging to House Hlaalu on the Ascadian Isles on Vvardenfell, Morrowind. It is owned by the Ascadian Isles' councilor, Nevena Ules. Six slaves, two fields, and a landing stage belong to the plantation. Two miserable shacks house the slaves and the slavemaster.


Ules ManorEdit

The councilor Nevena Ules and Fruscia Abitius, both members of house Hlaalu, reside in this vast manor.

Slave ShackEdit

This miserable shack serves as living quarters of the plantation's slaves. Apart from four bedrolls, a table holds food and drink.

Slavemaster's ShackEdit

The slavemaster's living quarters are less miserable than those of the slaves themselves. There is a hammock for the nights, and food supplies are stored in various containers.


Tul's EscapeEdit

Tul is an Argonian who resides on the Ules Plantation and claims to be an escaped slave. He asks the Nerevarine to help him find an abolitionist who is likely to help him.