"Aye. I'm Ulfgar Fog-Eye, master of the Anvil lighthouse. Visit the lighthouse any time. Fine view of the town and harbor."
―Ulfgar Fog-Eye[src]

Ulfgar Fog-Eye quote

Ulfgar Fog-Eye is the Nord keeper of the Anvil Lighthouse. He owns a house nearby.


Following a LeadEdit

The Hero must get the key to the Lighthouse basement from him in order to figure out who has been targeting the wrong people to kill in dead drop quests.


Anvil: "Ships sail form Anvil harbor for ports-of-call in Hammerfell, Summerset Isle, Yokuda, and the Western Isles."

Following a LeadEdit

"Well now, what might you want?"

I want the key to the cellar. "Oh, do you now? And just why should I give you that?"
If you don’t I’ll slice your throat. "Oh! Well in that case, um... Here you go!"
The Dark Brotherhood demands it, dog! "The Dark Brotherhood? Okay! Okay! Here! Here's the key! Just don't hurt me! I won't say a word, I swear! If you're here to kill that fellow in the cellar, then... good! I won't call the guards or nothing! He's doing... unnatural things down there! I heard the screams! And... and the smells! I never should have rented out that cellar! Never!"
[Say nothing.] "All right, that's it! You've gone and annoyed me, now! Have at thee!"
The key to the cellar! Now! "What? What's the meaning of this? What's going on here? I don't want no trouble! Here, take the damn key!"
[Say nothing.] "Look, I've got things to do, and I don't need crazies like you getting in my way. Take a walk."

(If approached again)
"Look, I... I got nothing else to say to you. Just leave me be!"