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Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather [sic] is an Alteration spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that temporarily decreases the caster's Encumbrance, resulting in a slower loss of Fatigue and an increased capacity to carry items.


  • Feather – 50 points for 10 seconds on self.


The following people use Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather:


Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather can be purchased from the following spell merchants:

Feather Merchants
Dulian Imperial Legion10 Buckmoth Legion Fort
Gildan Blades10 Ald'ruhn: Gildan's House
Ranis Athrys Mages Guild10 Balmora: Mages Guild
Tyermaillin Blades10 Balmora: Tyermaillin's House
Vaval Selas None 15  Vivec: St. Olms Canton: Temple


  • This spell's ID indicates that it was intended to be named Ulms Juicedaw's Feather.
  • This spell's effect is identical to Strong Feather, and most of the people who know this spell also know Strong Feather.
  • There is no person named Ulms Juicedaw in Morrowind.

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