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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: Ulrich


I never wanted to lead. They just started following me because I'd been in the Lion Guard. As if that made me some sort of hero.

Finding Silaseli was pure luck. I tried to keep to myself, but they followed me fleeing the Reachmen. They want me to scare away every half-witted bandit who tries to setup camp, and settle every minor squabble they have.

I am so tired.

A man in black robes has offered me a way out. He said I could take her with me. I only need go to the top terrace in the northeast chamber and complete some ritual. Something the Ayleid mages from long ago left unfinished.

He called it a rip. I reopen it, his people come through, and take over Silaseli. He'll reward us with immortality.

She and I will never suffer need again.


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