Not to be confused with Ulondil or Undil.
"Sometimes the difference between life an' death is a swift steed."

Ulundil is an Altmer and owner of Windhelm Stables just outside Windhelm. He can be found outside during opening hours.


Unlike many Altmer met in Skyrim, he is friendly and polite, though he gets a bit stiff when "only" offered 1,000 GoldIcon for a horse.

Ulundil will sometimes mention that he is not afraid of dragons, and whatever happens will happen, but he will not live in fear.

He will send Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn if caught stealing.

If the Dragonborn is a member of the Thieves Guild, a contract may be set out to retrieve Ulundil's garnet.


Ulundil can be conversed with at any time by the Dragonborn.

Aren't you worried about the dragons? "My pa used to say, 'there ain't no use worryin' about the things you can't change.' If it's my fate to be ended by a dragon, so be it. Meantime, I'll live my life the way I want to."


  • "I see why the Nords like Skyrim. This crisp air is wonderful for the lungs."
  • "You seem like such a nice person. I'd love to hear more about you."
  • "I hope some day we'll get to know each other better."
  • "Oh, pardon me. Was I in your way?"
  • "Sometimes the difference between life an' death is a swift steed."
  • "Sorry about the smell. It's a stable, after all." ―If inside the stables.