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For the quest, see Umaril the Unfeathered (Quest).
Not to be confused with Umbriel.
"As balangua, Ehnada racuvar!"

Umaril quote

Umaril the Unfeathered is one of the last Ayleid kings to have survived the war with St. Alessia. He is the main antagonist of the Knights of the Nine expansion, and is noted as the chief enemy of Pelinal Whitestrake.[1] Called "the unfeathered" because of his wings,[2] he was an immortal sorcerer,[1] favored of Meridia, and the son of an et'ada, who is noted as being a god of a previous kalpa.[2]

First Era HistoryEdit


Umaril is described as "half-Elven", with a god as a father,[2] which may have involved Pelinal and Akatosh in some way.[3] He, along with other Ayleids of Cyrodiil, worshipped the Daedric Prince Meridia, and was named the champion of her Aurorans.[1]

Battle with Pelinal and DeathEdit

He was the first of Pelinal's foes to challenge him directly, and commanded armies of Aurorans to harry the Whitestrake as he moved south following conquests in the west of Cyrodiil.[4] The two faced each other during the siege of the White-Gold Tower, desptie Umaril's preference for ranged combat.[2] Pelinal ultimately slew Umaril, but the Aurorans killed and dismembered him in the aftermath of their battle.[2]

His Return ForetoldEdit

Morihaus took up Pelinal's severed head after the battle with Umaril, which told him that Umaril would return now he could not longer protect Cyrodiil.[5]

Third Era HistoryEdit

Spririt realm fight to the death

The Divine Crusader versus Umaril.

Umaril returned to life during the Oblivion Crisis, as Pelinal foretold. It is speculated he could do this because he had bound himself to the Colored Rooms, Meridia's realm of Oblivion.[6] His specific goals were unclear, but they appear to be based around striking back at the Nine Divines, who he refers to as "mortal gods".[7] Umaril began systematically defiling chapels of the Divines across Cyrodiil with the Aurorans, striking at Anvil from Garlas Malatar. The Champion of Cyrodiil, along with other Knights of the Nine, struck him down there and in Oblivion, finally killing him.[8]


  • Umaril is considered a creature, not a character. This change occurred after his pact with Meridia, in which he became a Daedra.
  • Umaril is listed as an Altmer in the Construction Set, despite being half Ayleid.



Quote Translation Pronunciation Audio
"Man kana mitta abasel Umarile?" "Who dares enter Umaril's forbidden hall?" Mahn kah-nah mitt-ah ah-bah-sell OOH-ma-rill-ay
"Pelinal na vasha. Sa yando tye." "Pelinal is gone [dead]. So also [will] you [be]." Pelinal na VAH-sha. Sa YAN-do tie.
"Shanta, ehlno. Tyavoy balangua!" "Come, mortal. Taste my power!" SHAN-tah, ELL-no. Tie-AH-voy bal-AHN-gwa!
"Asma bala ni hilyat sino?" "By what power [do] you follow me here?" AZ-mah BA-la nee HILL-yaht SEE-no?
"Heca!" "Begone!/Stand aside!" HEK-ah!
"Rahtan Pelinale na anda!" "Pelinal's reach is long!" RAH-tahn pell-ih-NALL-ay na AHN-da!
"As balangua, Ehlnada racuvar!" "By my power, the mortal gods shall be cast down!" ahss BAH-lang-gwa, ell-NAH-da RAH-koo-var!
"Abagaianye Ehlnadaya!" "I do not fear your [mortal] gods!" Ah-ba-GUY-ahn-yae ell-nah-DAH-ya!



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