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For other uses, see Umbra.
"Before I go on, let's clear something up. Are you here asking about the sword or the person. Which is it?"
Irroke the Wide[src]

Umbra quote

Umbra is a Bosmer found in the Ayleid ruin Vindasel, southwest of the Imperial City. It is east along the road from Clavicus Vile's Shrine, and west of Pell's Gate and the Old Bridge. When entering the ruin, head to the very back, and she can be found there. She is not inherently hostile.

Armor and weaponEdit

If she is killed, her full suit of Umbra's Ebony Armor may be looted, along with the longsword Umbra, enchanted with a 120-second Soul Trap spell. The sword may be kept, or turned in as fulfillment of the quest given at the Shrine of Clavicus Vile, and be rewarded with the Clavicus Vile's Masque, which boosts the wearer's Personality by 20 points.


If Pell's Gate is visited as instructed in the quest, the Hero will learn that her real name is Lenwin, and that she once lived there as an apprentice to Irroke the Wide. She somehow came across the sword, Umbra, which changed her, making her more aggressive and violent.

She then took the name of the sword, and left with a group of mercenaries to sate her blood lust. This evidently didn't work out, and she has since taken up residence in Vindasel.


Killing Umbra counts as murder if she is attacked before getting the quest from the Shrine of Clavicus Vile. If the Hero of Kvatch isn't already a member of the Dark Brotherhood, this will get them an invitation.


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