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Umbra is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  • Quest Giver: Umbra
  • Prerequisite Quest:
  • Next Quest:
  • Location: Suran
  • Characters Involved: Umbra
  • Creatures:
  • Reward: Umbra Sword
    • Disposition Increase:
    • Fame Increase:

Quick walkthroughEdit

There is an Orc in the mountains near Suran that wishes a fight with the Nerevarine. If they accept, they will go into the fight. Players should note that it is very hard while on low levels. Umbra will be on his body. It is a unique two-handed sword.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

First, the Nerevarine must head to the mountains near Suran. They will run into an Orc named Umbra who will challenge them to a fight, because he is longing death. If they decline his request, he will remain there until they come back and accept. When they accept, he will battle you with his sword of the same name. When they kill him, he will have the sword on his body. There is no bounty for killing him, because he attacked first.


  • Umbra, a two-handed sword with a Soul Trap enchantment.