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"Watch your feet, we just cleaned there!"

Una is a Nord maid working at the Blue Palace in Solitude, along with her fellow maid, Erdi.


The Mind of MadnessEdit

The Dragonborn must ask either Una or Erdi for entrance to the Pelagius Wing in the Palace. Una is one of two maids that has the key.

Hired ThugsEdit

If she is attacked by the Dragonborn or if the Blue Palace is stolen from, Una may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn.


A hard woman to pleaseEdit

Una: "I keep coming out here thinking I'll see what others see in this... frivolity."
Lisette: "You're a hard woman to please, Una."
Una: "I'm pleased when the palace is clean, I'm pleased when the beds are made on time, I'm pleased when Erdi isn't around. Most of those don't happen very often."


  • "Got lots of things to take care of. What do you need?"
  • "Watch your feet. We just cleaned there!"



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