"You dare bring me here? You must be punished."
―Unbound Dremora[src]

The Unbound Dremora is a unique creature in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be summoned using the spell Summon Unbound Dremora during the quest "Conjuration Ritual Spell" on top of the College of Winterhold and in The Midden after the quest is completed. The Dremora wears a full set of unlootable Daedric armor (minus the helm) and is equipped with a radiant fire damage weapon.


Conjuration Ritual SpellEdit

After defeating the Unbound Dremora, it can be summoned again and will bring the Sigil Stone.




Conjuration Ritual SpellEdit

"You dare bring me here? You must be punished."

You will do as I say! "I serve no mortal!"
I summoned you. I control you now. "You control nothing, mortal!"

(After defeating the Dremora)
"I am not your plaything, worm!"

Are you ready to submit? "Never!"
Admit that I control you. "I'll tear out your heart first!"

(After defeating the Dremora again)
"I am not yours to toy with!"

Will you submit, or do I need to banish you again? "I...I submit. What is your bidding, master."
I can do this all day. "No, I... I submit. No more. What is your bidding?"
Bring me a Sigil Stone. Now. "Yes, my lord (Or "mistress"). Summon me again, and I shall have your stone."

(Upon being summoned again)
"Your Sigil Stone. Lord Dagon is... less than pleased at its loss."


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