"Candy, candy -- he makes so much. Uncle Sweetshare has a magic touch! So it's back to the workshop in the snow! With lovely lanterns all aglow! He he! Ha ho! He he he ha ha ho!"
―Uncle Sweetshare[src]

Uncle Sweetshare is an insane Nord alchemist who refines moon sugar and resides in his workshop.


Uncle Sweetshare is a crazed moon sugar refiner, presumably from the use of the drug. He often speaks in a jolly and song-like tone, and refers to moon sugar as "candy treats".

He had an assistant, M'nashi, who had a moon sugar addiction. M'nashi had accidently overdosed on the drug and died. Uncle Sweetshare says he had buried him outside and allegedly "all the horkers came to sing" for the now deceased Khajiit. In reality M'nashi was not buried, but instead his corpse was left lying exposed in the snow, though it is unknown if the horkers in fact did come to sing.


The Moon Sugar MysteryEdit

Jeleen will mention "a strange hat worn by a strange old man who sang a strange nursery-like song" as part of the investigation, giving a hint that it is Uncle Sweetshare. Going inside the workshop, Uncle Sweetshare can be found. He will gladly admit to his crimes. He can be given the choice of either stopping or being killed. Which ever way chosen, all that is needed is his White Colovian Fur Helm to complete the quest.


Uncle Sweetshare has more magicka than health and will use spells to attack the Nerevarine is fought. He uses a Wooden Staff as a weapon.

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  • Uncle Sweetshare is a reference to Santa Claus. Similarities include owning a workshop, having assistants, speaking in a jolly tone, and giving "gifts" to children.
  • Uncle Sweetshare was intended to be an NPC called Grandfather Frost, who was a Breton, had a different song, a beard and the Slavic name of Santa Claus. This was changed before the release of the DLC for being to much like Santa, but can still be found in the game files with the ID grandfather frost.
  • He was intended to have a red colovian fur helm instead of a white one. The red version can still be found in the game under the ID fur_colovian_helm_red.
  • Both M'nashi and Uncle Sweetshare wear green common robes.