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The undead are creatures or people that have long perished and resurrected by a dark force (or sheer power of will?) or infected by Sanguinare Vampiris that turned them into vampires.

Undead in legends tend to be weak for their mana cost but have many abilities that make up for their low stats. The Cursed Spectre is a good example to that as it is a 4 mana 2/2 but has Prophecy and the ability to silence a minion.


Lurking Mummy (Legends)
Shriveled Mummy

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Hallowed Deathpriest
Mummify (Legends)


Ancient Lookout
Bone Colossus
Dark Guardian (Legends)
Deadly Draugr
Deathless Draugr (Legends)
Draugr Sentry
Grim Champion (Legends)
Hallowed Deathpriest
Hulking Draugr (Legends)
Imprisoned Deathlord
Morokei, the Deathless
Nahkriin, Dragon Priest
Restless Templar (Legends)
Rotting Draugr
Skeletal Dragon (Legends)
Skeleton (Legends)
Stricken Draugr
Worm Thrall


Corrupted Shade (Legends)
Cursed Spectre
Dragon Cult Ghost
Gloom Wraith (Legends)
Haunting Spirit (Legends)
Illusory Mimic
Memory Wraith (Legends)
Sovngarde Hero
Wrath of Sithis (Legends)


Ageless Vampire
Barrow Stalker
Blood Magic Lord (Legends)
Doomcrag Vampire
Little Girl
Night Shadow
Night Talon Lord (Legends)
Pure-Blood Elder
Volkihar Lord (Legends)

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