Undermined is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The renegade Ashlanders have broken through a storage tunnel beneath Iliath Temple, taking the monks and their defenders by surprise. If the attack can't be repelled, the monastery is sure to fall.


  1. Talk to Farseer Tirinaat
  2. Talk to Ordinator Nethis
  3. Collect a Pickaxe
  4. Weaken First Support
  5. Weaken Second Support
  6. Weaken Third Support
  7. Weaken Fourth Support
  8. Look for the Ashkhan
  9. Kill Ashkhan Ziddak Dunhaki
  10. Weaken Final Support
  11. Talk to Hedranna Kaliki


After defeating the Ashkhan, talk to Hedranna outside of the cave. She will express disappointment that this was necessary, and explains the reasons why the Ashkhan turned hostile towards the Dunmer. According to her, the Ashkhan's daughter was murdered by a Dunmer, and the Ordinators knew, but did nothing. Her brother complained, and they killed him as well.


  • Temple Keeper's Spaulders
  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • The description of the Temple Keeper's Spaulders received at the end of the quest reads "These spaulders were once worn by acolytes tending the deep vaults below Heimlyn Keep." This was either a mistake, or an unknown connection between the two locations.


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